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Say Hi To Vim

Written on Monday, 2nd March 2015.

If you’ve been to SpacePortX recently, you’ve probably noticed that there have been a couple of changes! Sofas have moved, desks are crazy and yes the rumours are true...there’s a Scaletrix in the kitchen.

And for all of this, you can blame the newest member of the SpacePortX team - Vim!

Here's what she had to say about joining SpacePortX...

For those of you who remember way back when to the Carver's Warehouse, I was there working away in the background as one of the team’s first interns. I took a little journey around Manchester, almost moved back home to London and then found myself sitting at a permanent desk at SpacePortX.

What made you stay in Manchester?

Growing up in London made me appreciate how quaint and amazing Manchester is. It’s the kind of place where you can really make a name for yourself, where the community embraces you with open arms and it's the kind of city where you instantly feel at home.

There's so much history in Manchester that's made it into a city that sparks change, and it's that passion and enthusiasm that makes it the perfect startup destination.

How did you end up in tech?

Well, I studied Politics and Modern History at The University of Manchester, so I have a pretty strange journey into tech. I spent all of my spare time immersing myself into tech and digital in the hope it would help me land on my feet. Unlike many of the other people in tech startup space, I didn’t drop out of uni and I didn’t study anything that would help my get a job, just a subject I knew I’d enjoy!

It’s safe to say that I stumbled into it tech and I now work in industry where I'm constantly learning. 

What do you want to do at SpacePortX?

Well that’s easy. Keep it growing!

I want to help foster and grow the existing tech community, bring new people and faces into the space and help more people call SpacePortX home. There’s a growing tech community but it’s fragmented to say the least, and I really want to start shouting about all of the amazing things that Manchester's tech scene are achieving.

If I had to give you three things I want to bring to SpacePortX, they would be:

  1. Make the tech space more inclusive
  2. Help bridge the gap between the business and tech world
  3. Share the brilliant SpacePortX network, so the SpacePortX founders can help get your startup to where it needs to be

If you fancy a chat, why not pop by SpacePortX to say hi? We're having our first official open day on Friday 13th March, followed by Drinkabout Manchester. Don't miss out as we open our doors to the community and beyond to celebrate #MCRTop5.

The more people we can bring into the tech community, the better it can be, so come say hi, drop me an email or tweet me.

Written on: Monday, 2nd March 2015