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Made in SpacePortX - Nifty

Written on Tuesday, 10th March 2015.

Ever wondered what it’s like inside the mind of SpacePortX resident and longtime friend Nifty co-founder, Piers Ridyard? Well, we thought you might have, here’s what Piers had to say about his startup adventure.

For those of you who don’t know, PiersSteve and Nifty have been with SpacePortX throughout our journey in Manchester, From TechHubMCR to SpacePortXNifty have had a special place in our hearts and permanent desk in our space. Having been through the truest peaks and troughs of the tech startup world, from KickStarter to San Fran, from Manchester to Taiwan, here’s what Piers has to say about his journey.

What kept you in Manchester?

There are so many things that Manchester has to offer but the reasons why it's great for a tech startup are the low-cost base, great university talent pool (it has one of the largest student populations in Europe), the growing tech scene and it's within an easy proximity to London.

Why SpacePortX?

SpacePortX is the heart of Manchester's tech community, when you're there you can't escape the tech buzz. It also has a huge support network, amazing media connections and the best tech talks and meet ups in Manchester.

Your biggest lesson learnt?

Nifty have been on a startup roller coaster ride. Concentrate on delivering. You can't build a massively complex product without testing the interim steps. Build the simplest version of what you want to do and see if people will buy it/if they want it.

Your biggest failure?

Not making sure something was easy to manufacture before trying to build it.

Advice for new tech startups?

Find your competitors. Search for them! Then study them. Know their business inside out - who they sell to, why they price the way they do, why they have done their product line up the way they have. Do not assume that because no one is doing something that there is a gap in the market. Equally, do not assume because you have never come across a service/product in XYZ space that there is no one else in that space. Do your research!!

So, there you have it, some of Piers' lessons and invaluable advice on startup life. 

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Written on: Tuesday, 10th March 2015