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Written on Wednesday, 4th March 2015.

SpacePortX is proud to be able to say that the first ever Talk UX conference is being held in this great city of ours. Here's what the Talk UX team had to say...

"Talk UX is a conference unlike any other, on March 5th, as part of Women's History Month at Manchester Town Hall. The aim is to create an open space to meet, learn and collaborate with within UX. Ladies that UX want to change the way that conferences are run and held, by creating a more personal experience. 

Women were constantly approaching Ladies That UX offering to speak, yet other conference organisers would claim to have struggled to find women who are able to talk. Thus the idea for Talk UX was created. The main of the conference is to debunk the myth and create a platform for women to share their ideas and showcase the fantastic work that they are doing within UX.

Unique in its own right, Talk UX is the first UX conference to have a female friendly line up. Over the course of the day different areas that make up a UX role will be examined, from research to data schema, highlighting the breadth of knowledge in our area, and the fantastic work that is being done by women to share their ideas and showcase the fantastic work that they are doing within UX.

There are a few tricks up Talk UX's sleeves to make the day extra special. The attendees are at the centre of the day, keeping the talks short and sweet to ensure all the information is digestible. You can expect comedians, 300 second light talks, digitally focussed spoken word and even an Occulus Rift demo. The keynote has been scrapped to make sure all speakers have an equal opportunity to promote their knowledge, as all our speakers are great in their own right.

If you want to be a part of the story, you can grab your tickets on the Talk UX website. The organisers are really looking forward to starting something which the community in Manchester, and worldwide, can be proud of."

We hope to see you there folks!

Written on: Wednesday, 4th March 2015