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Meet Robert - SpacePortX Intern

Written on Thursday, 12th March 2015.

Here at SpacePortX we truly value the importance of nurturing talent and helping the younger generation find their feet. Whether you have no idea what you want to do or if you have a fully fledged business plan at your fingertips, SpacePortX is here to help guide, mentor and teach you valuable experiences on how to run a startup.

Here’s what one of our most recent and beloved interns, Robert, had to say about his time at SpacePortX...

Your story?

I went to the University of Manchester and quickly became disillusioned with the concept of higher education, however, whilst there I met some brilliant people and together we ran the UK’s largest student gaming event.

After that I dropped out, traveled a little and then got the worst job I could possibly find for me. I was a door to door salesman (a chugger) and hated it. I did that for two months to learn the skills I think everyone needs: self motivation, people skills and time management. After a few months of scraping what ever work I could, I managed to convince Adam Groves (the previous intern) and then Doug that I wasn’t in fact crazy and was passionate about gaming in the UK.

They still haven’t worked out how crazy I am!

Why did you come to SpacePortX?

I wasn’t actually looking for an internship at first, I was just trying to find a venue for an event I was running. Someone I know recommended I go to SpacePortX because they had good internet and was cheap! Whilst coming in to organise the event, I was talking to Adam and he mentioned that the SpacePortX team were looking for an intern and I thought hey I could do that!

3 months later I am still here and have learned so much, the whole experience has given me the tools to get my own startup going.

What have you learnt?

Since coming to SpacePortX, I have learned so much. I would say the main things are office management and social media management. I never really cared for Twitter before, but now I know so much about how to post when to post how regularly and so much more. The skills are really fantastic and transferable so I will be able to put them into action for so many projects I am working on in the near future!

Best thing about being in Manchester?

Everything! Manchester is the best city in the world (or at least the UK)! This is where I have met my friends, my business partners and there is nowhere I want to be other than here. I want to work here, I want to go out here and I want to live here. I think there is something in the water that makes the people more passionate, more exciting, more everything! (Maybe I am a little biased but I don’t want to be anywhere else).

What you’re looking for now?

Now that I’ve been here for over 3 months, I’m looking to launch a company focusing on student gaming in the UK and generally growing the UK gaming/eSports scene so more people can enjoy the games I find so fun!

Watch this space for my upcoming gaming events and so much more!

There you have it, working at SpacePortX is a great opportunity and can open doors for you to achieve your goals.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to intern at SpacePortX, pop by for a chat and a brew!

Written on: Thursday, 12th March 2015