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SpacePortX Open Day

Written on Tuesday, 24th March 2015.

On Friday 13th March, we opened our doors to the public for SpacePortX’s first open day. It was a chance for people to meet the SpacePortX residents, hear Doug’s journey and join Manchester’s startup scene for DrinkaboutMCR.

Since opening, we’ve always wanted to bridge the gap between the business and tech world, bringing together all the people who want to celebrate #MCRTop5. Whether you’re a part of a developed business, or a budding entrepreneur with one million and one questions, we want you to get familiar with SpacePortX, and our open day invited everyone to join us as one of the most-connected tech spaces in Europe.

Visitors got a chance to network with the SpacePortX residents and others members of the tech community before Vim headed up an informal Q&A, introducing SpacePortX to visitors. With a budding mentoring program and an extensive tech event schedule, there was a lot to say about what SpacePortX has to offer, but our open day was far from over.

After a walk around of the space, Doug took the floor and spoke about his journey, from learning to code from his mum’s sofa all the way through to being the CEO SpacePortXDoug divulged his advice, the importance of failure and how to become ‘an overnight success in 8 years.’ A great Q&A followed, allowing all of our open day attendees to pick Doug’s brains and hear his thoughts on Manchester’s growing tech community. Most importantly, it gave everyone as change to say how SpacePortX could help them on their personal journeys, whether through renting a desk space or being introduced to an investor - SpacePortX is here to help.

As flapjacks and sweet potato crisps were passed around (courtesy of Takk), visitors arrived for Drinkabout, which is a Friday night networking event for start-ups and entrepreneurs, bringing together the Manchester tech community and so much more. Conversation, beer and wine flowed as visitors networked and explored SpacePortX.

It’s safe to say that with the help of Takk and their delicious nibbles, the open day and DrinkaboutMCR was a great success. Opening up our doors for the first time, we were able to answer so many questions about what SpacePortX brings to Manchester and it was great to see so many new faces join the tech community. 

We’ll be having more open days over the next few months, so sign up to our newsletter for more information and be a part of the movement to push Manchester toward #MCRTop5.

Written on: Tuesday, 24th March 2015