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The Rooftop Project

Written on Tuesday, 14th April 2015.

Now that the sun is out (sort of), we’ve opened up the rooftops and we’re inviting Manchester to visit and enjoy the Rooftop Project. The Rooftop Project is a collaborative space that was brainstormed and actioned by local businesses, residents, organisations, and community members of 24 Lever Street and beyond, to transform the unoccupied rooftop to a community space for tenants to enjoy. The project sprung out of dreams about co-designing a social space for the Manchester community, using collaborative tools and creativity to change the way we use space in this great city of ours.

Initiated by the great minds at The Curiosity Bureau for the wonderful Ladies Room event, the Rooftop Project is now a longstanding feature of 24 Lever Street. For those of you who couldn't make it to the Ladies Room, it was a day long event to celebrate Stevenson Square and promote the history of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The Rooftop became home to people learning about the history of Manchester, the people who changed the world and also lot’s of arts and crafts! Not to mention the screening of “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces”, it was a great event to celebrate Manchester’s revolutionary women and create a space to do so. As a result from the Wonder Women work, 24 Lever Street now has its own rooftop garden, safe and secure to enjoy the spring sunshine.

 It became clear that people in the city centre needed somewhere calm, quiet and reflective in the city centre, away from the hustle and bustle of the thriving Northern Quarter scene. The space will host a variety of events; public, private, tenant meetings, and more. It’s somewhere to go when you need some space and breath of fresh air, but more importantly it’s there to help support the community in the Northern Quarter.

During the process, we joined forces to make the project happen, whether it was a spare pair of hands, a crate of plant pots, or a mountain of AstroTurf. Once the decking was laid, and the cranes dismantled, the Manchester community celebrated the Northern Quarter’s most innovative space. The Rooftop Project presents not just a space to meet and connect with Manchester’s community, it is also the opportunity for others to get involved in the project, transforming and growing the space.

So, whether you’re attending as a guest, hosting a regular workshop or you’ve full of creative ideas to develop the space, come and visit SpacePortX and we can take you on a tour of 24 Lever Street's Rooftop Project.

Written on: Tuesday, 14th April 2015