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Meet Katrina - SpacePortX Intern

Written on Tuesday, 28th April 2015.

Meet KatrinaSpacePortX's newest Events and Marketing Intern. She's just about to graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University and here's what she has to say about her time at SpacePortX... 

What’s your story?

Well, I’m currently in my final year studying International Business at Manchester Metropolitan University, and I’m graduating in June this year (yikes)! My passion and fascination for all things digital and tech sparked when I worked in a Manchester based digital agency last year as part of my industrial placement. Now you’ll either find me in SpacePortX, the 5th floor of MMU All Saints library, or in some bar or restaurant in either the Northern Quarter or Spinningfields. 

Outside of university, I've been part of MMU Futures, and UpRising which is a social action charity, and we're executing a social action project based in Manchester, with the aim of boosting employability and careers for young adults within tech and digital. We're currently organising the event, so if you'd like to be involved you can reach out to me here

Why Manchester?

Since I moved to Manchester in 2011, I’ve fallen in love with the city… The friends I’ve made, the networks I’ve built, the opportunities I’ve had, and of course the food and drink. There’s just a certain ‘buzz’ that you find in the city centre. Manchester has this amazing tech community, with so many opportunities to meet some of the most interesting people - it's completely accessible and there's a realistic expectation that anyone can accomplish anything.

Why did you want to intern at SpacePortX?

There's a phenomenal amount of value in doing an internship or placement - I can't even begin to describe it. The way I see it, you can never have too many internships. In my experience, the more that you get involved, the more people you meet, and the more doors that may open for you. Whilst studying at university, I’ve found that doing internships and work placements are the best way that I can spend my time as I’m constantly learning and developing the skills set that I can offer.

A few weeks after returning to university, and after a latte (or two), I had a conversation with  Doug, who got my brain ticking about the wonderful world of tech. After some research and persistency, I persuaded Doug that SpacePortX needed a new intern in the office. After speaking to Doug, I just knew that I had to find a way to work at SpacePortX - it's the hub of the tech community in Manchester, it's a space full of innovation and entrepreneurs, where you're surrounded by like minded people who want to change the world. Who wouldn't want to work there?

Following a conversation with  Vim, we decided that the Marketing and Events internship with SpacePortX would prepare me for that daunting ‘post-graduate life’ and so far so good! You can't even begin to imagine the doors that the SpacePortX family are willing to open for you, there's an abundance of guidance and mentorship so you really know you're apart of something much bigger. 

What do you do at SpacePortX?

As the Marketing and Events intern, I help out with the marketing strategy and events schedule for  SpacePortX, alongside my standard university life (big gasp). What I enjoy the most about SpacePortX is being able to network and engage with entrepreneurs growing their own startups… Let’s call it the ‘social’ side of tech.

What are you learning?

An internship with  SpacePortX has given me the opportunity to work in an environment alongside like-minded entrepreneurs. First hand, I'm learning about Manchester’s forever growing startup tech community, and the opportunities that lie within the city. There was a whole world of tech out there that I didn't know about and as soon as I stepped into SpacePortX, I completely fell in love with it. It's a continual adventure of learning new things and I can't wait to see where my journey takes me.

What next?

Difficult question… On the academic side of things, I want to graduate from  MMU in June, with a first class honours in International Business. However, at this moment in time, whilst interning at SpacePortX, I want to help build the Manchester tech community, whilst developing strong relationships with the business world. I also want to broaden my knowledge and networks within these communities, with the opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs and the successful businesses that are driving Manchester. 

I love speaking and meeting new people to help build communities, and since working at  SpacePortX, I have really found my feet with the client services side of life. My ideal role, fresh out of uni, would see me involved in marketing, community outreach and dealing with clients. I enjoy working with people, brainstorming creative ideas and communicating the brand. I'm now looking to explore and grow in the wonderful world for tech within Manchester. Bring on the future!

If you want to hear more about Katrina's story, you can reach out to here or here

Interested in being a part of the SpacePortX intern team? Email Vim on [email protected] and let her know why SpacePortX appeals to you! 

Written on: Tuesday, 28th April 2015