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Calling All Sponsors!

Written on Wednesday, 13th May 2015.

One day, Manchester will be the centre of innovation, tech and sustainability. With Forward happening, alongside some amazing city development, now more than ever, we're on the brink of being a top 5 startup destination in Europe.

We have one of the strongest foundations for changing the world, from being the birthplace of the modern day computer, to the home of the Suffrage movement as well as the first city to abolish slavery, there's no better city to change the world, make things happen and get things done.

Now we're looking out to Manchester and beyond, for support to build upon that foundation. Manchester is gaining autonomy and is getting recognised on a global stage - conditions are ripe. This is our vision. Will you help us achieve it?

We're Looking For Sponsors

SpacePortX operates as a non-profit. We don't shout it from the rooftops but it's true. SpacePortX doesn't take any profit from rent or sponsorship. Everything we make goes back into the space, so we can ensure that we can give as much back to the community, and our members, as possible. It's not something we've made very clear in the past, but it's about time that we let you know what we're up to behind the scenes in SpacePortX and how we're working to support the community.

Our members keep us alive and kicking, but we also have some great sponsors. TelcomBurton Beavan and Cassell Moore help to keep us going, show great support to us and our members. It's with thanks to our sponsors that we can let all the tech events in Manchester use our event space for free, how we're able to provide 24 hour access for our resident members, as well as providing glorious tea and treats for resident and flex members alike. 

SpacePortX sponsors get to be a part of something great, something that is going to change this city forever. We're looking for people who want to help support the local tech ecosystem, help make Manchester's community sustainable and help us to give back to everyone that makes Manchester's tech scene great.

It doesn't happen often, but this is a chance for companies in Manchester and beyond to help support the heart of Manchester's tech community. 

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Let's have a chat and see how we can collaborate.  

Written on: Wednesday, 13th May 2015