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5 Tips To Get Into Tech

Written on Tuesday, 7th July 2015.

If you’re sitting on the edge of technology looking in, you have some great ideas but don’t know your PHP from Python, then you’re reading the right article. Today we’re taking you through the top 5 ways to get into tech, so that you can jump in the deep end, understand how things work and ultimately start making your ideas become a reality!

Tech can certainly be daunting, there’s no doubt about it. However, it’s not as inaccessible as you might have thought, so here are 5 tips to get you into tech:

1) Events

It may not jump out at you as the easiest way to get into tech but attending any one of the tech events in Manchester certainly makes sense as your starting point. Start talking to the people who are already immersed in technology, ask them what they do and more importantly ask them to explain what it all means! You’re not going to get judged for not understanding any acronyms or knowing what platform to build a site on, so don’t worry about it. Relax, head over to a tech event and chat technology to the people who love it the most.

2) Make Mistakes

Part of going out and talking to techies means getting over your fears and start making mistakes. As we’ve already mentioned, no one is going to care if you can’t remember what IA stands for, or that you can’t code. You’ll quickly learn what it all means and accepting failures will put you on the right path to joining the tech scene.

Don’t just do it at events, make mistakes online too. Start doing techie things and implementing all the knowledge that you’ll learn at tech events and make mistakes whilst you’re doing it.

3) Get Online

As you could have guessed, doing techie things usually involves getting online (more so than you already are).

Try and set up your own website, start blogging or just spend a bit more time on social media. There are so many great platforms out there that can help you to build a site and they’re made for the non-tech minded people in the world. See what’s going on and dabble with website build, and again don’t worry if things go wrong, you’ll learn it for next time.

The web is also full of education platforms that can teach you how to code, help you understand tech and put you at the forefront of the tech world. All you need is some time, dedication and patience. We’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes, you won’t become a tech master overnight but educational platforms like Codecademy and can certainly speed up the process.

4) Be Bold

Just do it.

Take the dive and don’t look back. It may be scary and it will probably be tough but it’s a decision you won’t regret it. Tech isn’t as unfathomable as most people think, it’s another way of getting things done and as soon as you make the decision to get involved with tech, push forward and grab it with both hands.

5) Talk To Us

We’re more than happy to help anyone trying to find their feet in the tech world. Come by to SpacePortX for a brew and we can talk about what you’re trying to achieve and how you can get there. Our network is open to be shared, so don’t worry about asking for too much.

So there you have it. 5 easy ways to get into tech without having to break your back or get too out of your comfort zone. Just bite the bullet and get involved and embrace tech with open arms.

Written on: Tuesday, 7th July 2015