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5 Tech Books To Read This Month

Written on Monday, 20th July 2015.

Reading the right books play a huge part of being an entrepreneur, startup lover and wannabe techie. It’s great to learn from other people (and their mistakes), absorb their knowledge and form an opinion on their journey.

Over the years, the SpacePortX team have dived into loads of techie books (some more than others) and here’s the top 5 that we'd recommend you should read to help you discover your path as an entrepreneur…

 1.Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011, Walter Isaacson

First on our list, has to be one of the most inspirational people of our generation. For anyone interested in business or technology (and even more so when you’re into both) this is the book for you. Isaacson digs deep into Jobs’ life detailing his relationships, lifestyle and outlook. You get a real sense of who he was and how he got there and there’s no lack of inspiration.

 2.Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg

Up there with Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg is paving the way for entrepreneurs and startups to embrace lean methodologies. Not only is she one of the world’s best COO’s, she’s an internationally renowned feminist representing women’s issues at every corner. Sandberg goes through her life, not only as a business woman but as a mother and leader in the technology space. A book not to be missed to give you an insight on how to create gender diversity in your workplace.

 3. Alan Turing: The Enigma, Andrew Hodges

The book that inspired the recently released film the Imitation Game. Hodges highlights the highs and lows of Turing’s life and it helps push this into our top 5 list since it’s set in Manchester! An inspiring book that isn’t wholly tech focussed but looks at the societal impact of the time on one of of the greatest minds in the UK. A great book to read to understand more about how tech has developed and mind that played a fundamental role in starting it all.

 4.The Facebook Effect, David Kirkpatrick

A must read for any wannabe startup. If you’re planning on being the next Zuckerberg, you need to know everything about the glory that is Facebook and The Facebook Effect is the place to read it. Kirkpatrick had first hand and transparent interviews with Zuckerberg that other authors haven’t had the hope of getting, coupled alongside a “warts-and-all” story, Kirkpatrick manages to delve into both the good and bad of the Facebook story.

 5.Quiet Susan Cain

Not strictly an "entrepreneur” book per se, but definitely a necessity for any startup. Cain describes introversion in a light hearted but nonetheless in-depth way. She is able to explain how to bring the most out of people in your team, whilst also emphasising the importance of needing to understand and appreciate different personality types, particularly for the different benefits that they can bring to a working environment.

Written on: Monday, 20th July 2015