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5 Tech Ted Talks To Watch

Written on Tuesday, 15th September 2015.

Here at SpacePortX we love to spread ideas around just like the idea behind Ted talks, so we’ve found 5 Tech Ted Talks that you might enjoy!

Torvalds Jim Zemlin: What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus

Jim Zemlin gives us a talk on how the tech industry has learned from Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux, on how it achieved great success and you might might find the way they work surprising.

Chris Anderson: Technology’s Long Tail

Chris Anderson, WIRED Editor-in-chief, talks about how the big hits of technology at the height of their time will head to a niche market.

David Progue: Time saving tips 

David Pogue gives us 10 of his top 10 tech tips in less than 6 minutes to help you be efficient .

John Underkoffler: Pointing to the future of UI 

If you’ve ever watched Minority report and thought can this be done in real life well it can. Although the talk is 5 years old it’s interesting how we are getting closer to this idea of interfacing with out computer even though his prediction was a bit off!

Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data went worldwide

Following on from his previous talk, Tim Berners-Lee, shows how people have used open data to make it useful.

There you have it, a run down of some great Tech Ted Talks to get through the week! Have any recommendations for us? Let us know @SpacePortX.

Written on: Tuesday, 15th September 2015