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Re-Introducing Rob

Written on Tuesday, 29th September 2015.


As I am sure many people know Vim has moved on from SpacePortX to DotForge Impact, well I have come into keep up the amazing work she has done.

Over the last few months Vim has massively changed SpacePortX, for the better: opening us up to the community; growing our resident list and generally sprinkling magic dust over everything. She has definitely made a lasting change on the space and the people who work here! We can all hope her legacy will continue, that's where I come in.

Some may remember my Blog when I was interning here, I had been interning at SpacePortX for a few months before Vim came in a shook things up. Since then I have been working on several projects, I now have my own start up working in competitive gaming (eSports) world. I have, when possible, spent as much time at SpacePortX working out of the space but also learning from the people here.

So when Doug and Shaun asked me to come into to fill Vim's shoes I was a little shocked, but very excited. I am very aware of the reputation that SpacePortX has built up over time, and have huge respect for that. It is, also, very important to me to keep up the internships we have here and focus making sure that interns with us get the most out of their time here (by the way we are always looking for exciting people to come and work with us). I also have a strong focus on what SpacePortX can do for its members and the community at large and want to help set up ways to allow us to hear from those group as much as possible.

I can’t to meet as many people from the community as possible so come in and say Hi, the offer of a brew and a chat always stands...although I a bit more of a beer drinker than a tea one.

Loads of love,


Written on: Tuesday, 29th September 2015