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Introducing Vanessa!

Written on Monday, 12th September 2016.


You may have wondered - who is the red headed girl following that adorable puppy Nala around SpaceportX?

Well - I'm Vanessa and I'm sitting with Doug and the BetGame guys hoping to join their crazy gang over the next few weeks as a User Experience Designer!

I'm no newbie to 24 Lever street - I have been studying on the Digital Experience Design Masters at Hyper Island since January.

Some of the things I have been learning and studying at Hyper Island are:

User Testing

User Research

UX Design

The Masters has been a big career shift for me - Before I used to work in HR and Operations recruiting and training interns and graduates. Most recently I was at Facebook in their London office and Microsoft before that hiring their MBA's.

Whilst I settle in up here I wanted to let you know I am working freelance and am available to help you with any UX, Operations, Admin or Recruiting work you might need … whilst I finish up my Masters Thesis and Doug steals me for BetGame officially!

Written on: Monday, 12th September 2016
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Hi there! My name is Karl and I'm from Denmark. I originally moved to the UK to study Law at UoM but was not happy doing the course and so I dropped out. Previously I worked part-time at IKEA but have now transitioned into the role of Office Manager at SpacePortX! I love video games, food & sleep(: