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Introducing Emma!
An introduction to Emma! Content writer and digital enthusiast
SpacePortX Is Growing
Here at SpacePortX, we strive to bolster Manchester's tech community, enabling tech start ups to grow in a positive and collaborative environment.
Introducing Vanessa!
You may have wondered - who is the red headed girl following that adorable puppy Nala around SpaceportX?
Introducing Karl
A short introductory post to give everyone an insight into who I am and what my plans are for my time at SpacePortX!
My Time Interning at SpacePortX by Lauren
Lauren interned with us at SpacePortX over the summer and here's what she had to say about her time with us!
Re-Introducing Rob
Hello!....Again I am back, back again....Rob is back...tell a freind
5 Tech Ted Talks To Watch
Here at SpacePortX we love to spread ideas around just like the idea behind Ted talks, so we've found 5 Tech Ted Talks that you might enjoy!
This year, Manchester's co-working spaces are working together to bring #NationalCodingWeek to the city. With a whole bunch of different events to be involved in, there's nothing to stop you from... more ›
Moving Into A New Orbit
The time has come for Vim to say goodbye to SpacePortX and here's where she's going.
My Time Interning at SpacePortX by Manit
How do I describe being an intern at SpacePortX? Well, my time at SpacePortX has been jam packed and amazing, from developing my social media marketing skills to networking with entrepreneurs in... more ›