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What is work life balance- for an entrepreneur

Written on Tuesday, 11th August 2015.

What is a successful work life balance for an entrepreneur? As entrepreneurs we often love what we do so much that the working day can turn into evenings, early mornings and weekends. On the upside we are one of the lucky ones, on the downside, we can often feel guilt, or out of sync for not prioritising other areas of our lives.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder to reflect on what is important to us, here are my top tips for creating the right work life balance for you.

Do what makes you happy - Write a list of the main things in life which are important to; career, financial freedom, health, friends & family, fun, relaxing, your favourite hobbies etc..

Ask yourself, are you investing time into all those areas? If you had more time where would you invest it? How can you find that time?

Have confidence - Know that you are in control of where you spend your time, it is one of many of the perks of being an entrepreneur. Invest your time wisely - what is your ROI for your tasks and do they match your happiness outcomes?

Create time for you - Invest time in yourself, you really do deserve it. Plan in the things you want to do; to have fun with friends & family, to learn that new skill, to sit in the park and read, to exercise (most people I speak with when they found the time to exercise they have more energy to do even more with the time they have) Whatever it is that makes you happy, find the time.

Exercise your mind - There are lots of different types of meditation and they can help you to really focus. I often have amazing light bulb moments just before going deep into meditation. They are also great for quieting the mind chatter and allow you to feel calm and centred. Maybe start with booking a regular time to listen to a guided meditation (I’m a big fan of Buddify and Meditainment).

Measure - There’s an old mantra in business that says ‘what gets measured gets done’. It may be helpful to keep a journal at the end of each day to measure what percentage of your time you spent on each area of your life, how balanced you feel it was over the course of the week. And how you would like to proportion your time for the week ahead.

It’s good to talk - Being an entrepreneur is great and you are not alone. One of the loveliest things i found working at SpacePortX was the great community vibe. I’d like to offer all residents a free 20 minute taster session, 20% discount and further discount for block bookings. I’ll be in every other Wednesday from 10.30 to 2pm. If you would like to know more about what i do and how we can work together or to book a coaching slot please be in touch [email protected] /

Written on: Tuesday, 11th August 2015