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Introducing Emma!

Written on Thursday, 23rd March 2017.

Hi, I'm Emma! Content writer and digital enthusiast.

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Film Production, I then spent three years working for Apple as both a Mac Specialist and a Technician.

From there, I worked in numerous roles, most recently in a digital marketing role. It is through this role that I developed a passion for online marketing, social media, content writing and website optimisation. I hope to bring some of these skills to Spaceportx and I'm looking forward to contributing to the Spaceportx blog.

Writing is a passion of mine and I have contributed to numerous different websites as well as writing my own blog.

From tech start ups to SME's and beyond Manchester is the place to be. I'm looking forward to spending time at Spaceportx and I am keen to further explore what the Manchester tech scene has to offer.

To read more about me or to view my blog you can visit my website

Written on: Thursday, 23rd March 2017