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Made In SpacePortX - Bristlr
SpacePortX and Ignite Accellerator resident, John Kershaw, tells us his beard fuelled story and what brought Bristlr come to life.
5 Tips To Get Into Tech
If you're sitting on the edge of technology looking in, you have some great ideas but don't know your PHP from Python, then you're reading the right article. Today we're taking you through the top 5... more ›
Meet Manit - SpacePortX Intern
Say hello to Manit, SpacePortX new Marketing and Events Intern.
5 Reasons SpacePortX Is The Place For Tech Startups
Every wondered why you should be a SpacePortX member? Here are 5 reasons why you should join.
Meet Fevue - Manchester's Festival App Startup
"If you have told me, I would have a tech-company and also partnered with Facebook, I would have laughed at you, however, one year later this reality."
Meet Libbie - SpacePortX's Health & Well Being Coach
Libbie will be doing weekly slots in SpacePortX to help everyone in the tech community deal with startup stress and deal with those issues, some of us like to call life.
Calling All Sponsors!
As a community driven company, we want to be able to give as much back to the people who make SpacePortX. We're opening our doors to sponsors, so we can give as much back to the community and our... more ›
Plus Minus Conference
This June in Birmingham people in the tech and digital industry will meet for a great conference, a chance to meet like minded people and opportunity to get stuff done!
Meet Katrina - SpacePortX Intern
Say hello to Katrina, SpacePortX Marketing and Events Intern. She's been with us for 6 months and here's what she has to say...
Made In SpacePortX - Distology
We have our second instalment of SpacePortX introductions! Today, we're introducing you to the Director Of Sales And Marketing at Distology, Rick Yates. Long terms SpacePortX resident. Rick takes us... more ›