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Manchester Social Entrepreneurs - Who Are We?
George Konsta, one of Manchester's own social entrepreneurs, tell us his story from Athens to Manchester and why he's so passionate about social enterprises.
Gameopolis - What It Means To Manchester
Here ye, here ye. We have a new announcement to make, Simon and Keith guest blog for SpacePortX to tell us about his upcoming gaming adventure.
The Rooftop Project
We're happy to announce that SpacePortX can now offer a rooftop garden to our members!
Getting Involved With The Manchester Tech Start Up Community - Dinal's Story
Meet Dinal, having just moved back to sunny Manchester, she wanted to rediscover the tech scene and what was going on. Low and behold she found herself at SpacePortX.
Looking For A Volunteering Opportunity?
If you're looking to get your foot in the door in to Manchester's tech community or want some help with your startup, you've come to the right place.
CodeUp Manchester
CodeUp Manchester was devised by Claire Dodd & Pam Wheeler, 2 aspiring coders who struggled to find the support they needed in order to achieve their goals.
SpacePortX Mentoring
We've launched a mentoring program and here's everything that you need to know!
SpacePortX Open Day
SpacePortX opened its doors to the public for the first time and here's what happened.
A Few Words On Forward
Yesterday George Osbourne announced government funding for Manchester's Forward Plan and here's what it means.
Meet Robert - SpacePortX Intern
SpacePortX is a big believer in supporting local talent and that's why we work with interns like Robert to help them get their foot in the door.